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For those situations where there is an adequate supply of oxygen, and a more sensitive approach is needed for 'bagging' a patient, these breathing systems are ideal. Also very useful for physio therapists when 'bagging' patients during long term ventilation.

The versatile Mapleson C System is ideally suited for use in critical care units, recovery areas and accident and
emergency departments. It is a system which can be used for induction of anaesthesia, resuscitation, patient transport and ‘bagging’, offering more ‘feel’ of the patient’s lung compliance than that provided by a self inflating resuscitation bag.

The paediatric bagging system is available in a 0.5 and 1 litre option - a paediatric version of the universally accepted adult bagging system, incorporating a CO2 monitoring elbow at the patient connection for direct sampling. This system can be utilised in a wide range of clinical applications including physiotherapy, patient transfer, resuscitation, and may be used for both spontaneously breathing and hand ventilated patients in theatre and recovery.
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