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Product catalogue Neonatal and paediatric catalogue Home Care catalogue Carbon dioxide absorbents range AlternaTM reusable range 

i-gel® standard range i-gel® paediatric range i-gel O2 Resus Pack                   Laryngeal mask airways OptiLubeTM sachets of

One-piece Guedel airways
InterGuide tracheal tube introducers and InterForm
intubating stylets

InTubeTM endotracheal tubes Pulmo-ProtectTM lung
function filter
Hydro-TrachTM T HME
Flo-Guard breathing filter    Air-Guard Clear breathing filter
Smoothbore catheter mounts

QuadraLiteTM anaesthetic
face mask
 EcoMaskTM  anaesthetic
face mask
Explorer endoscopy masks
 Economy face masks
Scented face masks
Anaesthesia breathing systems
for GE Healthcare
® Carestations®
CompactTM extendable
breathing systems
Silver KnightTM anti-microbial breathing systems UniFlowTM coaxial
breathing systems 
O2/N2O (oxygen and nitrous oxide) analgesic gas mixture breathing systems

Bag-Mask-Valve (BVM) manual
resuscitation systems
Tube management programme

Patient spirometry sets for GE  Carestations® and Philips® anaesthesia machines Transfer tube safety valve

TrachSealTM closed suction
 OroCareTM  programme for oral hygiene Fabian HFO and fabian
evolution neonatal ventilator
nFlowTM infant nasal CPAP
breathing systems

Neonatal resuscitation with
variable PEEP 
  Silver Knight anti-microbial breathing sytems information sheet
Adult breathing systems for transport ventilators Bilevel breathing systems Silver KnightTM anti-microbial breathing systems 7000 Series Respiratory
Humidifier electrical adaptor
Tube management programme Right-angled water traps Intersurgical e-FlowSensorTM
VariFitTM NIV mask VariFitTM and FaceFitTM NIV
mask with compatible breathing systems and filters

Twin-ported CPAP mask
and harness

StarMed Ventumask
CPAP mask

StarMed Ventumask Basic
CPAP mask

StarMed Ventumask 30
CPAP mask

StarMed CaStar Up openable
hood for CPAP therapy
StarMed Ventukit Up
openable hood for
CPAP therapy

StarMed CaStar hood for
CPAP therapy

StarMed Ventukit hood for
CPAP therapy
StarMed CaStar Infant for
CPAP therapy
StarMed CaStar R Up openable hood for NIV therapy

StarMed CaStar R hood for 
NIV therapy
StarMed CaStar R Next
hood for NIV therapy

StarMed CaStar Ped paediatric hoods for CPAP and NIV therapy PEEP valves and
accessories for the
StarMed hoods

Intersurgical EcoLiteTM range
Intersurgical EcoLiteTM adult
medium concentration oxygen

Intersurgical EcoLiteTM paediatric mask
Intersurgical EcoLiteTM adult
high concentration oxygen

SentriTM end tidal CO2

Respi-CheckTM breathing
indicator mask

Intersurgical EcoLiteTM venturi valves and mask kits
MultiOxTM adjustable venturi

SilenteTM adjustable venturi

Dual venturi mask kits
FiltaMaskTM medium
concentration mask

Intersurgical AquaFlowTM
oxygen bubble humidifier

Intersurgical AquaMistTM
humidifier nebuliser

CirrusTM2 nebuliser
HOT TopTM2 nebuliser
Nasal cannulae
Dual lumen nasal cannulae Intersurgical HyperVentTM  bag    
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