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The Dri-Therm permeable dual heated wire breathing system is designed to reduce the humidity of gas in the expiratory limb, keeping tubing clear of fluid, helping maintain a closed system and protecting the ventilator from high levels of humidity. The Dri-Therm system combines permeable tube technology with Intersurgical’s twin coil wire and high quality product design. The temperature and humidity of the gas is conditioned to deliver the optimal level of humidification to the patient whilst minimising excess condensate in the gas pathway. Intersurgical’s transparent, lightweight tubing and connectors ensure complete visibility of the breathing system patency and performance throughout patient treatment. 

Features and Benefits






Permeable tube

Dri-Therm expiratory tubing is made of material that allows small water molecules to pass through the limb wall. The permeability of the tube lowers the humidity of the gas and removes excess condensation. Larger bacteria and viruses cannot pass through the tubing and are contained within the breathing system so that they can be safely filtered at the end of the breathing system limb.




Modular design

Allows easy transition between invasive ventilation, non-invasive ventilation and high flow oxygen therapy.

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              breathing systems


Intersurgical heated wire breathing system come with the option of the Intersurgical’s patented dual float auto fill humidification chamber included. The auto fill chamber design includes a number of features to improve safety and ease of use.




Suitable for use with the majority of humidifiers and ventilators found intensive care areas.


Accessories - Humidifier electrical adaptor leads


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